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Interracial Jawn Podcast – #10 – This your response?

@VeryWhiteGuy & @LeslieMac discuss AUA Podcast Guest Spot, Are UU’s Awake?, #FergusontoGeneva, Halloween Costumes, Mike Tyson sexually abused, Phi Kappa Tau’s “Rape Guide”, Kylie Jenner wears 1 yr of college tuition on her wrist, #TrackDaTrailer revisited – Birdman, SNL sucks, Prince is sub par, #HTGAWM losing steam , Parenthood soars & Podcast Stanning for AUA Hope Podcast

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Interracial Jawn Podcast – #8 – There Are NOT Two Sides to Everything

@VeryWhiteGuy & @LeslieMac discuss weekend with the Middleton family, Are there really two sides to EVERYTHING?, Leslie’s Troll Theory, the Dear White People #TrackDaTrailer results, Moral Monday NJ Rally, history of the song Strange Fruit, Charles Barkley says black people tear each other down, NYTimes coverage of Marysville shooting, AHS Halloween Pt1, announcement for TWO (2!) new IRJ Podcasts coming soon & Podcast Stanning for Serial from TAL.

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Interracial Jawn Podcast – # 6 – Keep Plucking Those Chickens

@VeryWhiteGuy & @LeslieMac Racist incident at STS9 concert in Philly, #Pumpkinfest, The movies Neighbors & Chef, Keep Plucking Those Chicken IN man, The Whiteness Project, Movies you should have seen by 30 as a black person, New spin-off podcast: IRJ Vintage Movies!, #TrackDaTrailer featuring @DearWhitePeople

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Interracial Jawn Podcast – # 5 – You Worry About Yourself!

@VeryWhiteGuy & @LeslieMac discuss new Because I Got High remix, Chonilla Podcast Guest Spot, Steve Harvey Dating Site, Phil Roberson on “Biblical Sex”, @KilledByCops, Summit NJ High School racial incident, #ThisorThat featuring Jesse Williams & Anthony Anderson, Alternatives to Columbus Day holiday, MS CEO “talks to women” about getting a raise, White Feminists, DC Comics tries to keep up with Marvel, BET Hip-Hop Awards highlights, AHS: Freak Show – #notallclowns & HBO goes SOLO!

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