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S2 E1 – IRJ Why Work “A Challenge to Capitalism”

Interracial Jawn Podcast Presents – Why Work?

Join us for the Interracial Jawn presents WHY WORK? a 10 episode exploration of the new landscape of employment. We’ll discuss how the idea of “work” has shifted over the last few years, and the ways people are building different lives for themselves away from traditional 9-5 gigs.

We’ll interview some amazing folks who have taken a leap into a different kind of work with a focus on how we decolonize/decapitalize ourselves after years of being on “the grind”.

Season 2 – Episode 1 – Why Work?

Leslie & Drew catch you up on what has been going on in their lives, Drew left his job(!), they celebrated their 20th anniversary, and how they have dealt with the Pandemic. They also discuss the new format for the show and announce this season’s topic: “WHY WORK?” including the reasons they chose this topic and a preview of upcoming guests this season.

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