IRJ Presents – No Bitch Left Behind – Episode 1 – The “F” Word (Feminism)

Interracial Jawn presents No Bitch Left Behind Podcast where lifelong friends @LeslieMac & Lady J discuss issues related to feminism, female empowerment, media, pop culture and the intersectionality of race and gender.  On this first episode of NBLB LeslieMac & Lady J ponder the questions “Are we feminists” & “What does feminism mean in 2014?”  We also digest a video from “The Factual Feminist” and discuss our hopes of No Bitch Left Behind.

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2 thoughts on “IRJ Presents – No Bitch Left Behind – Episode 1 – The “F” Word (Feminism)

  1. What a fantastic conversation. Thinking about parenthood and empathy. in the narrative regarding can wealthy politicians be advocates for working poor, I have noticed that people seem to believe that rich people cannot have empathy for non wealthy people. Another narrative is that educated people cannot have empathy for less educated people. As I reflect on your conversation about the senator who now has empathy for gay people bc is his son is gay or can adolescent men and women have empathy for a rape victim, it seems to me that the basis of our society relies on empathy. Then as a parent of a boy and a girl, I would say that there is plenty wrong in elementary school for both boys and girls. Carol Gilligian is right, but so are some of the studies talking about how boys are underserved. No gender is “winning” elementary school.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts – definitely agree that boys & girls are no longer being served by our education system at the elementary level. I have found building of empathy always allows things to go more smoothly no matter the forum. Perhaps that’s the find of movement we need – Empathy for all!

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