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Twitter – Resources

Twitter is the best place for up to the minute information about Ferguson and any actions taking place. Young people are THANKFULLY the leaders of this movement & we have to both take our cue from them & be where they are vs expecting them to come to us if we want to be true allies

In addition Twitter provides an alternative news/information source outside of the mainstream media (MSM) who have shown in coverage of Ferguson and so many other racially based stories to be biased and inadequate (in some cases just blatantly lying to sell the police/government agenda)

If you do not already have a twitter account: click here to do so.

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Okay now that you have joined Twitter – be sure to follow these accounts right away:

Are UU Awake Action #1

Small Group Discussion Surrounding History of Racial Injustice


  • Scheduled by November 15th

  • Completed by December 15th.

Action Description:

  • To facilitate small group discussions surrounding the history of racial injustice in the United States.

  • We will be using Ta-Nehisi Coates’ article in The Atlantic “The Case for Reparations” as the basis of this discussion. If you have not yet read this amazing pieces, please do asap (it is also posted at the bottom of this page).

  • While the title may suggest the piece is about giving “things” to black people, it is really an academic breakdown of the ways in which the United States has historically & systematically made it virtually impossible for black citizens to achieve the “American Dream”.

Steps for this action:

  1. Decide on a location for the discussion.  This can be a your home or in a small private space in your place of worship. It is suggested to have this as a potluck meal or have some food/beverages available as this puts people at ease.
  2. Identify those in your congregation who you believe are open to discussing these issues & have shown an interested in Ferguson, ending mass incarceration & racial injustice. *If you have a clergy member who is dedicate to this work, please be sure to include them as well.
  3. Send an email to the identified parties inviting them to the discussion.  Sample email text is found here.  Give at least 2 options for a date & time and ask them to let you know which option works best for them – be sure to give a date by which they can reply.
  4. Send a reminder 1 week before your discussion – reminding the attendees about the date, time & location along with a reminder to have read The Case for Reparations PRIOR to the discussion.
  5. Download the Facilitator’s Guide in preparation for the small group. NOTE: The Discussion Guide is in progress & will not be available until November 5th.

Interracial Jawn Podcast – #9 – Jim Carrey is NOT Funny

@VeryWhiteGuy & @LeslieMac discuss Pope Francis on the Big Bang, Jim Carrey should stick to dramas, Jose Canseco shoots off, Voting the straight ticket, Homophobe Torri Hunter, American Unity Fund, Marvels Phase 3, #TrackDaTrailer – Birdman, BW/WM vs BM/WW relationships, MO State Homecoming Protest, The More Drew Knows about street harassment, blackish highs & Gotham woes plus Podcast Stanning for AUA Podcast

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Interracial Jawn Podcast – #8 – There Are NOT Two Sides to Everything

@VeryWhiteGuy & @LeslieMac discuss weekend with the Middleton family, Are there really two sides to EVERYTHING?, Leslie’s Troll Theory, the Dear White People #TrackDaTrailer results, Moral Monday NJ Rally, history of the song Strange Fruit, Charles Barkley says black people tear each other down, NYTimes coverage of Marysville shooting, AHS Halloween Pt1, announcement for TWO (2!) new IRJ Podcasts coming soon & Podcast Stanning for Serial from TAL.

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IRJ Presents – Dispatches from the Blue Room – Session 1

@VeryWhiteGuy & @LeslieMac present the first Dispatches from the Blue Room where we interview guests who visit our home.  This weekend we had the pleasure of having Leslie Mac’s roommate & great friend from high school Francine & her entire family! Enjoy these conversations with Francine, her husband Lazerus & 4 of their 5 children, Taj (17), Justin (10), Tiana (9) & Jordan (4). Little Tyra is too young to interview (for now).

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Interracial Jawn Podcast – #7 – Lame-duck Blackness

@VeryWhiteGuy & @LeslieMac discuss Douchebag as a racist term, iPhone filming in landscape mode, FCKH8 backlash, Lame-duck blackness from the first couple, Boot Strap mentality statistics, the Factual Feminist on date-rape drugs, TrackDaTrailer featuring Avengers: Age of Ultron, Long Bets, Mother-son wedding dances, TV Coverage & Podcast Stanning for: TBGWT Premium Show – Balls Deep Sports

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IRJ Presents – Vintage Movies – Episode 1 – Imitation of Life

IRJ_Vintage Movies Logo

@LeslieMac & @VeryWhite Guy host the FIRST #IRJVintageMovies Podcast discussing the 1959 classic Imitation of Life starring Lana Turner, Juanita Moore, Susan Kohner & Sandra Dee.

Released date: April 17, 1959

Movie Description: A struggling young actress with a six-year-old daughter sets up housekeeping with a homeless black widow and her light-skinned eight-year-old daughter who rejects her mother by trying to pass for white.


Interracial Jawn Podcast – # 6 – Keep Plucking Those Chickens

@VeryWhiteGuy & @LeslieMac Racist incident at STS9 concert in Philly, #Pumpkinfest, The movies Neighbors & Chef, Keep Plucking Those Chicken IN man, The Whiteness Project, Movies you should have seen by 30 as a black person, New spin-off podcast: IRJ Vintage Movies!, #TrackDaTrailer featuring @DearWhitePeople

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