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Interracial Jawn Podcast #14 – Bat Slap Slap

@VeryWhiteGuy & @LeslieMac discuss White Woman Tears, #Ferguson Updates: MO Gov Jay Nixon’s press conference, KKK response, local area warnings to residents, Lack of National Org support for Ferguson, Anniversary IRJ Meet Cute, Gotham Bat Slap, Podcast Stanning for TBGWT – Rod & Karen on a tear this week & 13 Things about IRJ on our 13th wedding Anniversary.

Ferguson National Response Network – online listing of planned responses around the country to the Daren Wilson Grand Jury announcement – Find Your City. Add Your City.

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Interracial Jawn Podcast #3 – Way More Than Urgent

@VeryWhiteGuy & @LeslieMac discuss Bird owning, Audiots, Macsygynism, Livestream blunder, White People at Concerts, *NEW GAME: This or That – Frat Guy vs Secret Service, The Case for Reparations, The More Drew Knows, Crissle of The Read, #CoverGirlCOTT madness, TGIT, Outlander & Gotham Plus announcement of upcoming guest spot on Chonilla Podcast on Oct 10

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