Interracial Jawn Podcast – Episode 125 – Mom Puts Sprinkles On It

@LeslieMac & @VeryWhiteGuy discuss Mom’s work stories, Drew sends a racist text, Henrietta Lacks, #BLUUConvening, #OSPAN workshops, NOLA can take down racist monuments, Irish politicians really love Beyonce, breastmilk demand increases worldwide, racism helped the GOP win, Black weed business incubator, #TambourineArmy, #ProtectTransWomen, McDonald’s hack disses Toupee Fiasco, CDC emergency fund, new app to provide “blind job matching” in tech industry, 10 most dangerous types of wipipo, white things Black folks love, intimidating personality traits, the oxford comma plus SNL goes live for real, RHOA receipts, Supergirl, #ThisTooMuch & more

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Catch Leslie Mac in Boston April 11-13 as she co-leads the Organizing on Safety Pins & Needles Ally Training with DiDi Delgado from BLM-Cambridge:

Show Notes – Interracial Jawn Podcast – Ep 125


  • New Orleans can remove Confederate monuments, appeals court rules
  • Here’s what happened when I asked every TD in Ireland if they liked Beyonce –
  • U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security said countless threats made against airlines
  • Demand for imported breastmilk rises in the US
  • Researchers have found strong evidence that racism helps the GOP win

Weed News

  • How Three Millennials Are Helping Black People Become Legal Marijuana Moguls –

This Week In HashTags

  • #TambourineArmy
    • Jamaican activist arrested after posting names of alleged sexual predators –
    • “Tambourine Army” Gathers Recruits as Jamaicans’ Anger Over Child Sexual Abuse Grows –
  • #ProtectTransWomen
    • 7 Ways to Take Action to #ProtectTransWomen Today –
    • Activists Rally to #ProtectTransWomen: If They Are Not Safe, ‘None of Us Are Safe’ –
    • Transgender Murder Statistics Show Who #ProtectTransWomen Day is Necessary –

Toupee Fiasco

  • McDonald’s tweets to Trump: ‘You are actually a disgusting excuse of a President’ Darrel Hammond SNL/Dominos Trump commercial
  • New federal emergency fund proposed to respond to public health outbreaks –

Dope Black Girls

  • Black Woman Engineer Launches “Blind” Job Match App To Take Bias Out Of Tech Hiring –

White People 

  • The 10 Most Dangerous Types of Supposedly “Good” White People –
  • White People Shit That Black People (Not So) Secretly Love –

5 Signs Your Personality Is Intimidating To Others –

Comma (lack of) wins appeals court case

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