IRJ Guests on Black Women Podcasters Saturday Night Mixer

This is a special episode where 8 women get together to talk shop and a couple of hot topics. This was a great time and made for a great listen. Black women are making our presence known in this podcast game and leaving our marks in every genre. So if you are a lover of independent media, make sure you check out these women and add their shows to your playlists. You’re gonna be so glad you found this episode! Included in this discussion are IRJ’s own Leslie Mac plus Lavinia ka “SheBeShonuff”, CJ, Dr. Vicki Haywood Doe, Michelle Matthews-Calloway, Kymberly Nichole Wright & Hiroja Shibe.

Lavinia ka “SheBeShonuff”


  • Show: The Black Astronauts Podcast
  • Show Description: A weekly podcast where friends get together to talk currently events, technology, politics, relationships…pretty much whatever we want to discuss. co-hosts are Aaron B., Feeq Blerdman, and CeeWhy.
  • We can be found on twitter, facebook, itunes, and stitcher. our website is My twitter handle is @cjtaughtme

Dr. Vicki Haywood Doe- PhD, ACSM-EP-C

  • Show: It’s All About Health and Fitness
  • Show Description: VDF.FM podcast show “It’s All About Health and Fitness”-Vicki Doe Fitness features Dr. Vicki Haywood Doe, PhD, ACSM-EP-C, a clinical exercise physiologist/health fitness specialist and her co-host, Dr. Virginia Dee Banks-Bright, MD, MBA an infectious disease specialist/ internal medicine physician.
  • They discuss and talk with other health professionals, and the community at large; on topics and issues that focus on the prevention and the management of chronic diseases through research-based evidence including nutrition, exercise, and healthy-living. They also give their unique perspectives on the everyday living “hot topics” in the community and the nation as a whole.
  • Our Contact Info. for the public go on website…..
    Vicki Doe Fitness- /

Michelle Matthews-Calloway

Kymberly Nichole Wright, Certified Wellness Coach (CWC)

  • Show: Somethin’ In Common
  • Show Description: Somethin’ In Common is a weekly podcast, hosted by the husband & wife team, Kymberly Nichole & Michael Wright. Michael & Kymberly have been together for 2.5 years and married for 6 months. They have a blended family that consists of 4 beautiful daughters ranging in ages from 10-16! Michael & Kymberly decided to create this podcast to lend a voice to the male & female perspectives as it relates to relationships, pop culture, children, money, health/wellness, and much more……..Sometimes they agree and sometimes not so much……Listen as their worlds/opinions collide! It’s gonna be a fun & bumpy ride!
  • Health/Fitness Editor – Manik Magazine (
  • Writer Contributor/Blogger – Volup2 Magazine (; Full Blossom Magazine (
  • Plus Model – Location: Baltimore, Maryland
  • Facebook: &
  • Twitter: @kym_nichole

Hiroja Shibe

Leslie Mac

Show: Interracial Jawn

Show: Ferguson Response Network Podcast

Tiffani “Bliss” Brown

  • Show: Everybody Loves Bliss
  • Show Description: “Everybody Loves Bliss” is a podcast hosted by Baltimore based actress, filmmaker, reiki master and sometimes chef Tiffani Bliss Brown. The show is centered around Bliss’s love of two things: good wine and good conversation. The show’s premise is really very simple…everybody has a story. And if given time, a relaxed atmosphere, a willing listener and a good glass of vino, people will talk. The show is never about “interviews.” What you hear on “ELB” is honest uncensored conversation. People are free to speak their truth, whatever that may be. No pretense, no filter and no editing.
  • As it states on the show’s description page:
    “Political correctness not guaranteed. Leave your shoulds and should nots at the door.”
  • Everybody Loves Bliss can be found on Stitcher, ITunes and Soundcloud.
  • Facebook:
  • Stitcher:
  • SoundCloud:

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