Interracial Jawn Podcast – Episode 91 – She Tricked Me!!

@LeslieMac & @VeryWhiteGuy discuss Leslie’s Mom spoils a surprise, #WhiteForkWork, poverty is equal to constant lack of sleep, black ass octopus escapes, #Lemonade, PBO to Howard Univ commencement, Trump wants to “bring back” dead coach, Bethenny Frankel is horrible, keys to the PERFECT apology, Buzzfeed apologizes, Chicago cops send bootleg CD merchants to black site, Birth of a Nation trailer, Avatar sequels, How to Tell if a Black Person Likes you, the music of 2001, plus Outlander, 12 Monkeys, Orphan Black & more

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Show Notes – Interracial Jawn Podcast – Ep 91

Articles from Tim regarding Portland, OR & Racism


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White People

This week in apologies

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Dope Black Girls

Mediocre White Men

The 15 best one-hit wonders of 2001

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