Interracial Jawn Podcast – Episode 143 – Yada Yada Racism

@LeslieMac & @VeryWhiteGuy discuss the Levine Museum of the New South, taxes suck, loss of a family friend, the 45 fired list, Uber halts self-driving tests after fatality, overseas travel warning about the USA, Principal records minors, Black Muslim officer sues FDNY, Claire’s files bankruptcy, Michelle Obama’s portrait has to be moved due to high traffic, Craigslist shuts down personals section, new car headlights blinding drivers, “Testilying” by the NYPD, NJ police chief is a raging racist, #YouOKSis hijacked by delusional white woman, Uniom or onion, iconic desserts from each state, when white ppl use black emojis, plus Black Panther breaks more records, romance book industry under fire for lack of diversity, Santa Clarita Diet, Diplo on cultural appropriation and more.

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Show Notes – Interracial Jawn Podcast – Ep 143



Yes All Cops

White People

Uniom on Onion?

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