Interracial Jawn Podcast – Episode 128 – Make America America Again

@LeslieMac & @VeryWhiteGuy discuss racist Sports Illustrated article, #Woke100 news, LSA trip, March for Science fuckery, sex trafficking hotel gets sued by victim, new formerly incarcerated political action committee, SC woman runs racist campaign, therapy dog at a furry convention, 8 year old drives sister to McDonalds, Grand Rapids PD issues, a host of apoligies from United, Pepsi & Sean Spicer, plus Parable of the Sower, Ndidi Okafour Binti, The Smurfs movie & more.

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Show Notes – Interracial Jawn Podcast – Ep 128


White People


You should have just asked my Mom

Dope Black Girls

This week in apologies

The Rise of Homeschooling Among Black Families –


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