Interracial Jawn Podcast – Episode 73 – Apology DQ

@LeslieMac & @VeryWhiteGuy discuss Black Twitter time-out rules, #4thPrecinctShutdown in Mpls, BYP100 shows what leadership is looks like, San Bernadino observations, MI Senator makes racist remarks, things white people ruined in 2015, a disqualified apology from CNN, GOP Clown Car, SURJ action at Trump rally, interracial kissing for the first time, Tyrese Gibson freebooting on FB plus feedback & reviews, The Good Wife takes on race, we loved Creed, #JonesingForTheWiz & Star Wars excitement

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Show Notes – Interracial Jawn Podcast – Ep 73

Ferguson Response Holiday Guide

Black Lives Matter Song – Adrienne Marie Brown


BYP100 Leader Suspension & Decision

Loretta Lynch DOJ investigation into San Bernadino shooting

Media entering San Bernardino shooters home doxing mother

MI GOP Senator Knollenberg

Patti LaBelle & James Wright Chanel Update – Cooking Show!

21 things White People ruined in 2015

Did CNN apologize?

Great chutzpah: Awkward things 2016 candidates said to Jewish Republicans

Trump not in the lead among college educated GOP voters but crushing 46% among non college educated GOP voters

Trump protests by White people

SURJ #Giving Tuesday

Interracial Kissing for the First Time

Tyreese gibson stealing content freebooting .

The Wiz

Darth Vader Sings Hello

Star Wars Movie Poster in China

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