Interracial Jawn Podcast – Episode 66 – Thickems with Associate Producer Carl

@LeslieMac & @VeryWhiteGuy are joined by Associate Producer @Carlm3 to discuss TX man in #BlackLivesMatter vandalism hoax, Iranian soccer player prevented from leaving country, US accepts UN advice on police violence, Kim Davis joins the GOP, POTUS tribute to Female Civil Rights Leaders, Jeb “Free Stuff to Black” Bush, This Week in Apologies with #DamonSplaining The Arrow & Michael B Jordan, 2 White dudes fight over privilege in Brooklyn, White parents problematic opinions about black students, Rules for being in an interracial relationship plus Ex-Machina, Playing House, Defiance, Black Jesus & The Visit.

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Show Notes Interracial Jawn Ep 66

Texas Man Arrested in Hoax Claiming Members of #BlackLivesMatter Vandalized His truck

Iranian soccer star wont compete BC husband (legally) withholds her passport

US accepts UN advice on police violence, racism; advocated call for action

It’s Official Kim Davis Joins the Republican Party

PBO Pays Tribute to Female Civil Rights Leaders

Jeb “Free Stuff to Blacks” Bush

More White Gain Obamacare Coverage than Black & Latinos Combined:

White House Calls the entire Republican Party Racist

Matt Damon “no pology”

Steven Amell NOPE

Michael B Jordan gives a lesson in HOW TO APOLOGISE

Christopher columbus of Brooklyn

DUMBO Parents push back against Rezoning that would integrate Schools

TAL – The Problem We All Live With – July 31st – Play 23:52 – AUDIO

7 things white ppl in interracial relationships should do




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