Interracial Jawn Podcast – Ep 28 – with The Pennymon Doctrine

@LeslieMac & @VeryWhiteGuy are joined by John & Molly from The Pennymon Doctrine to discuss Senate Subcommittee #dogwhistles, David Gregory is White, Best of Skymall, China’s wall of shame, Exposure Trolling, Racist Snapchats, White Dads & their Bi-racial Sons, RaceForward report, dramatic reading from Drew, Sorority Sisters hypocrisy &

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Show Notes – Interracial Jawn Podcast Episode 28:

Senate Subcommittee Name Change

David Gregory is WHITE

Skymall is filing Bankruptcy

Chinese wall of shame

Nick Kristof – Exposure Trolling

SnapChat Racism to black teen with white dad

Fathers Talk to Their Bi-Racial Sons

Color lines race forward report

I’m tired of suppressing myself to get along with white people

Sorority Sisters – Kicked out of their Sororities & cancelled

Faces of The Movement


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