Interracial Jawn Launches first TV Show Recap

The Interracial Jawn Podcast is excited to announce it’s very first foray into TV Show recaps as we recap the first season of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead every Wednesday.

IRJ_Recap LogoThe Interracial Jawn Podcast launches it’s first TV Show Recap inviting Twitter personality @BlaqqRob to join hosts @LeslieMac & @VeryWhiteGuy each week to discuss AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead. Premiering on Aug 23, the spinoff of the  wildly successful The  Walking Dead focuses on the early days of the zombie apocalypse in Los Angeles.

Each recap show will find the hosts discussion the action scene by scene, dissecting clues about the zombie outbreak and crowning a weekly “Most Irritating Character” award. Listeners can also participate by leaving voicemails with their own reactions to each episode (657-JAWNERS) or send an email with questions for the Recap Crew (

In addition to the weekly podcast recap, @LeslieMac & @VeryWhiteGuy also broadcast a LIVE show reaction via Periscope at 10:00 PM ET giving their first reaction to the episode.

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