IRJ – White Privilege Podcast Ep10 – Relaunch

Interracial Jawn presents Episode 10 of  White Privilege Podcast with cohosts @VeryWhiteGuy & @UnrulyRev who use this podcast relaunch episode to discuss the devastating though not surprising results of Election 2016 including action items for white folks and more.

Help don’t hinder
support don’t supplant
cooperate don’t co-opt
solidarity not charity
One person can make a difference, your passion is a superpower
– @FeministaJones

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Show Notes – WPP Ep10:

Action items?

  1. Covenant
  2. Don’t engage in intra-community dialog in communities in which you do not belong
  3. Do not question any tactics
  4. Understand white fragility
  5. Learn how to apologize
  6. Understand and recognize the relationship between the white normative default and anti-blackness
  7. Monitor your language (what you think you say, what you say you do and what you do is who you are)
    1. Understand inherent problems & limitations with our binary language and discourse
    2. Don’t do the paternalistic stuff
    3. The word violence should only be used for actions by the state
    4. Don’t use MLK as a cudgel

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